BEAUTY REVIEW: Missha Signature Dramatic Foundation

I am not a foundation person, though I love make-ups and how it transforms ones face I still prefer compact powders because of the cakey feel of foundations. We'll that's before BB Creams and Airbrush are concocted. :) Fortunately, Saladbox offer sample of  Missha's Signature Dramatic Foundation for their May Box (Missha). I promised from my last post that I will be posting reviews from the May Saladbox Missha products. :)

And here's my first review:

Product: Missha Signature Dramatic Foundation
Price: Php 2,100/40ml
sample, included in my May (Missha) Box

Signature Dramatic Foundation SPF31PA++

Signature Dramatic for light and airy base makeup!
:: MISSHA Signature Dramatic Foundation SPF31/PA++ ::
Liquid foundation with light and silky formula lightly
conceals skin flaws and leaves skin to breathe.
- Containing Lotus Water 34% -
(Wrinkle Repairing + Whitening + UV Blocking)

Containing Herba Care, newly developed for anti-irritation, and Air Breathing Powder, capsulated fermented yeast in porous powder, MISSHA Signature Dramatic Series pursue light and airy base makeup.

No Make-Up / No Filter

Half filled with the foundation to see the difference

(don't mind my eyebags :) in fairness the foundation did hide the dark circles)

TADA!!!! looks good ayt? :D

After 4 hours make-up still intact without re-applying

  • Full Coverage
  • Well Blended
  • No Itchy/Cakey Feel
  • Looks Flawless (conceals dark spots and breakouts)
  • Skin Breathes still because of its light formula
  • Long wear
  • Herba Care ingredient for anti-irritation that keeps my skin protected even with make-up
  • 34% Lotus Water keeps my skin moisturized
  • SPF31/PA++
  • Paraben Free, Talc-Free, Mineral Oil free, Benzophenon Free, Artificial Colorant Free
  • Wrinkle Repairing and Whitening
Whew!!!! that was a long list. Do I still need to say my rants? Does it still matter? Well, for the benefit of those who still want to hear my rants here are the few :)

  • I need to pack a lot of oil blotting film 
  • I sweat a lot like A LOT!
That's it I only have 2 rants vs 11 raves!

My Say:

Shedding money with this baby is really worth it, don't you think?
So I will definitely buy. I mean this is a must buy product considering the benefits it will give to your skin. 
How about you guys, will you consider buying Missha Signature Dramatic Foundation?

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