A Mother's Day Letter to my Mom :D

***repost from my old blog

I guess the surprise mother's day celebration for the Liberty Baptist Church Mommies is already finished so that means I'm free to post here my mother's day message to my Mom. :)

It’s that time of the month again,when kids start to think what will be the best gift they will give to their moms. The downside is not every kid has means to buy gifts and not everyone has the opportunity to be with their moms on this special occasion. Well, one of those kids happens to be me, though not a child anymore I’m still young at heart and because my mom looks so young with her age I need to catch up, hahaha… enough of those antics this was supposed to be a mother’s day message to my ever dearest and ever beautiful mom(It’s not obvious that I’m a proud daughter right?) Now let’s get serious.

To Mrs. Imelda Cayanan Ocampo, you don’t know how proud and blessed we are to have you as a mom, best friend, confidante and uh “rival”sometimes  :D  We are blessed to have a God-fearing mom whose life is a living proof how God favors people with a selfless heart and a great faith.  We are so blessed to have a mom like you who never cease to pray for us, support us and direct us into paths that we will be proud of. As we grow up, and even we are millions of miles away from each other I don’t remember a time when you failed to extend your love for us. Sure there are some misunderstandings and exaggerated debates but those are just proofs that we love each other dearly and that you want the best for us.  When we were young we look up on you as our Hero.  In our young minds you are our hero. You never showed us any signs of hopelessness even though inside you're already breaking.As we grow up we realize that you're also an ordinary woman with no super power,but that realization gives us a new definition of MOM. You became our BEST FRIEND. Maybe not that special just like a hero, but by being our best friend you give us all what we need and the best thing about it is that you are just one hug away from us :) Your life is a great testimony and because of that you made sure that as a faithful servant of God the paths that you take will be well lighted so that we can take the same path you are walking. Thank you for the everyday family devotion that we’ve shared when we were young including papa, because of those devotions we didn’t go completely astray and compromise with what’s in the world. You’ve truly take Proverbs 22:6 by heart and we can see the results now:D it may not be instant but the result is for eternity. :D As I have told you before, a Godly woman will face condemnation and criticisms, but will stand still because God favors her. I'm proud to have a mom who is God-fearing, and because of that you became our living example on how to live a Christian life. You might not be perfect in our human eyes but God knows how pure your heart is. LOVE YOU MAMA, for us you’re perfect. YOU ARE OUR ONE PERFECT FAN :) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU and to all the mothers in LIBERTY BAPTIST CHURCH.


P.S : we included a video also enjoy!!! :D