Wakeboarding Adventure @ Deca Wake Park Clark

I am from Pampanga, but I seldom go out ever since I decided to stay here for good. So, I never imagine that this province have a lot of a must travel places that any adventure seeker/sports enthusiast would love to hang out!

So, last week my cousin and I decided to go to Angeles City to seek some adventure and have that much needed rest. We travel for 30 minutes from our place to reach our destination. We entered a subdivision and boy! Am I surprised to see a wake-boarding park at the heart of a city?!?  I was literally amazed as I never thought Cable wake-boarding exist!  LOL

The place actually looks like a club house in a typical subdivision/village.

Receiving Area

Rates Posted on the upper part of the receiving area and smaller one on top of the table

My cousin was the only one who registered as I didn't bring extra clothes much to my cousin's dismay. Also, I don't have yet the guts to try it. I decided to just took some photos of him in action while I'm munching on some Pringles :D

Oh, they also sell clothes just in case you forgot to bring extra and you really wanna try to wake-board.

clothes from: stoked inc, ripcurl etc
My Best friend that day :D

And here's the wake-boarding area. Yes, it is man-made! :D

And those are cable wires!

First try?? :D

On his first try I was taking my #selfies and was surprised that he is swimming to the ladder, but he manage to have good runs on the water after.

I actually took a video, so you guys know how he fares :D

And here's some selfies :D

Those things at the back are boards...

Afterwards we decided to go to Nepo Quad to have our lunch at New York Supreme and a quick fix of pastries at A La Creme.

Here's an additional information for you guys who want to visit Deca Wake Park Clark:

Service Hours :  9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Weekends and Holidays

P500 ($12) for 2 hours
P800 ($19) for 4 hours or
P1,200 ($28) for an All Day ticket good for 8 hours.


P400 ($10) for 2 hours
P700 ($16) for 4 hours and
P1,000 ($23) for the whole day.

Basic Equipments are included, but if you have your own, you are entitled for a 10% discount on any ticket you'll purchase. There are also premium wake-boards for rentals.You also have the option to avail their membership or just go with the prepaid passes.

For beginners there will be a free instructor that will teach you the basics.

That's actually reasonable for a package of a fun filled day right plus this is also a fun way to tone your muscles and get fit :) Way cooler than gym workouts ;)

For more information you can check here:

Deca Wake Park Clark
Barangay Margot, Angeles City, Pampanga
(just outside the Friendship Gate)
Contact no. (0915) 330-1013 or (0918) 459-8488
or visit their website: http://www.clarkwakeboard.com/

Hope to hear from your experience here @ Deca Wake soon :)