Apocalypse II - Revelation (The Movie)

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I watched Revelation (movie) after I got baptized 11 years ago. The conversation between "satan" and Thorold Stone still lingers in my mind. T'was amazing how a person who didn't believe in God before the rapture can be firm on  his belief during the tribulation times. Let me share how Thorold battles with satan during the tribulation's days of wonders.

Thorold got acquainted with the "haters"(believers of God) through Willy, the programmer who designs the day of wonders virtual world and the stepbrother of Helen Hannah a TV reporter who announces on air that Franco Macalouso (Satan) is the beast (anti-christ).  They were set to put a virus on the program, but while they were looking to the base hub Cindy (blind lady) and Willy (wheel chair bound) tried the virtual reality glasses to enter the world of wonders and  both got deceived and received the mark of the beast (666). Now, Willy ask Thorold who is already set to upload the virus, that he needs to put the glasses and have the day of wonders play before he can upload the virus (they were trying to deceived him because of their allegiance with the anti-christ). So, Thorold put on the glasses and here's what happen inside the day of  wonders....

Satan > Welcome to the day of wonders Thorold Stone. They've been waiting for us.

Thorold > Where am I?

S > Well, it's a little bit of heaven, only better.
       (Satan showed Thorold's wife and daughter who were raptured while they were playing in the park)

Wife > Don't abandon us again Thorold it's time to put up your mind and listen to him, its the only way.

S > Take a look at them Thorold, exactly as you remembered. You know why? Because they are inside of you (pointing Thorolds heart) everything that is here is inside of you.. that's why I'm here to teach you, that's what the day of wonders is all about. For you, It's your family for others  it's something else, but all of it can be yours. All you have to do is believe, know who I am and believe. You can  have everything you want. Everything.

Wife > Please Thorold you can be with us today.

T > (close his eyes) What about the rest of eternity? (wife cant answer so is satan)
      Whoa! I'm so wrong about you. I actually  think your an alien.

      (satan laugh)

S > Yes I know. (continue laughing) And now you believe? Don't you?

T > Now, I believe . (Teary-eyed)

S > Now all you have to do is give me your pledge of allegiance and everything you ever dreamed of will be yours.

T > Your not about love at all. I  would rather believe my Creator who would die for his creation than his creation would die for him.

S > My Son.

T > I . Am. Not. Your. Son. satan., (satan getting pissed and mad) and  they are not my family.
  I know where my family is, where they'd be  safe from you  for eternity.

 (satan now shows his true self)

S > So be it, you made your choice. (family image vanished) now you'll pay the price. Not even your God can save you.

T > He already is...

Satan  made a snake-like hissing sound, two soldiers appear and Thorold was tortured and  he was being locked up in the guillotine table.

T>   (satan go near him) the day of wonders, you  make them say they worship you or they'll  die?

S >  I don't have to make them, they have to worship me. you know why? do you? because I give them everything they want just like Eve in the garden of Eden, they snap it up in a second and those who don't will die. So either way, I win.  Pretty soon everything in this world will be mine, earth will be mine and there's no reason  for God to come back  on this earth.

T> I know for all of us who say no. What about those who said yes? What have they done?

S >  You should know, but by then its going to be too late. Once they made the pledge of allegiance they will all be mine for eternity and those that aren't are dead . Its a wonderful day, dont you think?

T > Lord I did not know you in my life, by your grace may I do so in death.

S > Very touching. Goodbye Thorold...(drops guillotine blade)....

Thorold did not receive the mark of the beast. He might not been spared from cutting his head out of his body, but his soul will join the other believers who were raptured because he didn't receive the mark and he is ready to die for God.

The video below is the copy of  the whole movie better watch it and be aware. Don't wait for this things to happen first before you receive Christ as your personal Lord God and Savior.

Act Now!!! Accept Christ as you personal Savior and let this prayer be your guide.

Here's a a video copy of the full movie.