My May Saladbox Unboxing (Missha Box)

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Finally, after 3 weeks of waiting my Missha Box finally arrived. I was actually ready to wait for this May box since Saladbox ships their subscription boxes at the end of the month so that means this box was supposedly shipped May 31 and arrive at my doorstep by the first week of June. Unfortunately I received the box on the 3rd week of June. Anyways, enough of the rants about the delivery since this is a Missha Box I'm ecstatic just the same(just hoping for a prompt delivery on my next 2 boxes).

May Box is a saladbox special which features Korea's best selling cosmetics and skin care brand Missha
They retail it for Php800, but if you subscribe for a 3-month subscription(Php1500) that would only be Php500. Missha box is actually my first subscription cause I'm a sucker of anything koreans especially their food and cosmetics.

Here's my unboxing pixies.


I'm expecting a bigger and heavier box but this one is really light

Here's a closer view...

A list of the items inside the box

40 ml medium size / 50 ml for PhP750
Rose Water Controlling Serum : Improves skin elasticity while calming and soothing the skin .

3g full size PhP 450
Mobile Lip Gloss : Add character to your lips and phone. You can use it as a mobile bling :)

20g  full size PhP150
Missha TVXQ  3D Essence Sheet Mask in Milk and Honey : Make fatigued  skin firm, glowing and moisturized.

Both sample size / 50 ml PhP 1,650 each
from top to bottom:
Misa Cho Bo Yang Emulsion : Vitalizing skin emulsion that contains Oriental  herbal ingredients and fully delivers  benefits of 3 treasured Korean Wild Ginseng, Cordyceps militaris and Antlers to the skin. Also have pure gold an the extract derived from oriental aesthetic formula restores fatigued skin.

Near Skin Firming Peptide Extra Vital Toner : Firming Toner to help make dry and fatigued skin sleek and shine.

Both sample size / Super Aqua BB Cream 50 ml PhP 2,100
Signature Dramatic Foundation 40 ml PhP 2,100
from left to right
Super Aqua Cell Renew BB Cream :  Aids in for skin regeneration and increases  moisture of the skin.
Signature Dramatic Foundation :  Liquid foundation with light and silky formula that lightly conceals skin  flaws and leaves skin to breathe.

As per saladbox this limited edition is worth Php 2,000 that means I still saved Php1,500 for this whole subscription box. And that's already a lot to pacify me from the delivery disappointments :)

So if you guys want to subscribe from saladbox you can go to their website and check what plan suits you.

Excited to see other saladboxers unboxing post!!!

Reviews about the products here will be posted soon :)