Flashback: Pearl Farm Adventure


Agree? I do! And we are so blessed to have availed a great deal from Airphil just in time for our much awaited me time or rather "us" time ( I am with my best cousin ^.^)  

WE ARE GOING TO PEARL FARM!!!! *dances with glee*  (well that was my first reaction when I first heard the news) I mean who would've not dance with glee? Pearl Farm is paradise on earth and that's just what we need to be able to relax :)

So after a few months upon arriving from Hong Kong (worked related), we booked ourselves a flight to Davao.

Our flight to Davao via AirPhil was so early we were at the Airport around 3:30am and plane take off at exactly 5 in the morning. Upon our arrival in Davao we were greeted by our designated chauffeur (feeling VIP) and mind you we were fetch by him in a super sleek car! (Just me and my cousin inside the car!) Too bad I didn't take a pictures.

At the reception area waiting for the boat that will transfer us to the island
Receptionist were really accommodating and friendly. We arrived at the reception area around 9am and the usual check in time is 2pm, however, they allow us to check in earlier  so we have our much needed rest. 
At the docking area before boarding the boat that will transfer us to the Island

Pearl Farm is one of the Samal Islands surrounding this part of Davao ocean

The stilt in the middle is where we stayed for 3 days and 2 nights [borrowed pic from their website :)]
So, yeah we were welcomed with fresh pineapple juice and warm smile from the staff. 
We spent our days in the resort exploring their beaches and other cottages. We didn't swim much we just slept actually most of the time :P

Uber comfy bed
Main Suite
Dinner will be served here :)

Roaming around the Island


Other Houses/Cottages
Top of the hill

Tourist Indeed :)

Our sea creatures neighbors :)
SPA!!! Feels good Massage 

Last glimpse of my temporary sanctuary :)

Bye Pearl Farm :(

Given a chance I would gladly go back to this place even for 5, 10, 20 or even 30 days. 
To those who are stressed, burn out or just want to experience serenity and calmness, Pearl Farm is just right for you.

To learn more about their rates, and accommodations you can visit http://www.pearlfarmresort.com

How 'bout sharing your last summer vacation? I'm sure you also have lots of adventure :)