Banana-Oats Chocolate Cookies

Boredom strikes again, looking for something to be busy about. What do you suggest? Go malling? Nah, couldn't do that as I have to travel at least one hour just to reach the nearest mall because of the recent flooding. Hmmn... Oh, I remember I haven't post any blog for a couple of days now and craving for some energy filled snack without much guilt of over eating :D

So, whose up for a healthy snack treat? C'mon don't be shy and raise your hands 

There you go. I know you want some uber delicious-not-so-sinful-mouthwatering snack that is jam packed with proteins yet low in calories. 

I'm sure you'll gonna love Banana-Oats Chocolate Cookies. And just because I am too lazy to go to the grocery store I'll just use what we have in the cupboards.

Now let the baking begins!!! 

What you'll need:

We only have Toblerone inside the fridge :) you can improvise and use any chocolate you want.

  • 8 Bananas 
  • 4 cups of oats (Instant or quickcook)
  • Chocolate (optional)
  • baking sheet

How to do it:

  • Peel and mashed the bananas.

  • Cut the chocolate into small pieces (make them look like chocolate chips if you have bigger cuts of chocolates

  • Prepare 4 cups of oats in a mixing bowl or a deep container. While doing this Pre-heat Oven 350 degrees F.
* Remember for every 2 bananas = 1 cup of oats.

Looks Yummy already  

  • Mix the mashed bananas into the oats until all of the remaining oats were sticking into the banana like a dough.
  • Fold in the chocolates until well mix in. Then scoop a spoonful of the dough and put in a baking sheet and off to the oven they go. Bake for 15 minutes.
I forgot that this is different with the flour cookies so it isn't flat cause this one doesn't have baking powder that'll make the cookie expand . So you have to flatten them a bit.

  • So after 15 minutes transfer it to the cooling rack and let it cool for a few more mins. or if you want to eat it while the chocolate is melting it's up to you I just have to warn you that the warm choco might peel you tongue 
  • Ready to serve now!!! 
Those black/brown patched are melted chocolates  yum yum!!!
If you don't like it that sweet you can omit the chocolates, but it will be bland cause the banana will be the only sweetener.

Yield: 24 cookies

Aren't these babies good to eat? Actually drooling now! droolingdroolingdrooling

Must have a bite of these!  Wanna join me? Haha you wish!

Try to bake it dear so you can toss one inside your mouth while you're off to the gym. cookexercise

Gonna have a break first! kiss